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The Initial Call

When you contact Atlanta Gutter Specialists, we will inquire about the goals you have in mind for your gutter replacement, gutter cover roof repair project and discuss the feasibility of those goals. We want to make sure we provide you with the best service and advice for your project.


On-Site Complimentary Consultation

The initial phone call is followed by an on-site consultation where we come out to meet with you in person and take a closer look at your existing or damaged gutter system, or roof. At this point, we will discuss, in more detail the end result that you are looking for. We will also make sure you fully understand the repair or replacement process.


Contract Signing

With the last details finished, we will sign a construction agreement. At this meeting, we will review the gutter replacement, gutter cover or roof repair project and answer any questions you may have. We will also establish a payment schedule with you, or gladly work with your insurance firm for storm damage repairs or insurance related work. We will describe the anticipated project lifecycle so that you’ll know up front what to expect of us. We will advise you as to how and when you may be impacted during the process. Our goal will be to minimize any imposition on you.


Gutter Replacement

 The rain gutter, gutter cover or roof replacement process begins with a review of the contract documentation. We will present you with a copy of your agreement and any additional project information. Upon completion, we will have a final walk-through with you to identify any areas that may need “touching up” and leave you to enjoy your new gutter system, gutter covers or new roof.

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